Monday, January 10, 2011

Warriors for Trade

These darts are one of the more interesting sets in my collection, but due to the way they conflict with my preferred gripping style, I'd rather trade them out of my collection for something more appealing to me. It is a 90% tungsten dart, relatively short, with a very unique stem application. The stems are actually the top portion of the "Spinster" stems, available from sites such as A-Z Darts. The pic below indicates how they are currently configured, with Spiroline flights and flight protectors. As you can see there is a wee bit of rust on the points due to non-use, but this can be very easily removed with a fine grit sandpaper and the tungsten in the barrels has darkened just slightly with age.

I picked these beauties up at least five years ago and I still have the original case the came in. In the pic below you can see there is one spare set of stems (which are super super short) and the info card that comes with the darts. The spare flights were chewed up years ago (but they don't last long anyway).

There is no threading in the back of the dart. The stems are a push-in system and they spin too which makes the stem application doubly interesting in my opinion.

I have found a new home for these darts tho. They will soon be making the long happy journey to their new owner in the UK (who goes by Littleman124 over at I am happy to have known them and had them in my collection but I to keep darts that will almost never be thrown again by me seems pointless and a little cruel. In exchange, I will be receiving a set of mature (grizzled, even) CT Fatties. I am looking forward to their arrival.

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