Friday, March 24, 2006

My Par-Darts Board

Howdy ynz. Take a look at this board. This heralds the beginning of a new dart obsession for me and that is the collection of interesting boards. If anyone has any interesting boards you'd like to sell, think of me first! Recent good finds for me include a Casino 301, a Snooker board, a Quadro and a couple of Blade MX's. I will post on them as they arrive. Now I will also need to figure out a way to make them easily interchangable! Also, please note the new nav system to the right. I have a section dedicated to my dart collection and to my board collection.

This is a very nice board that looks like it is in virtally brand new condition. Right now it is at the house of a friend in Seattle and I am looking forward to playing on it. It looks like it would be at the very least an excellent practice board, but I bet the whole game is going to be every bit as fun as a regular darts game. This is my first non-clockface board other than the baseball board below. It is certainly my first bristle non-standard board. At some point I am going to figure out how to replace those wires stapled onto the board with embedded blade-like separaters.

Click here for the rules for Par-Darts.


Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly you attached your Eclipse by rotating it on a screw in your backstop?

If your going to start collecting boards and want the ability to swap boards out with no fuss I would suggest looking at the Unicorn Dartboard Wall Clamp.

Zeeple said...

That's what I am thinking. I bought one for a friend recently (the same guy who has my par-darts board) and I am going to test it out has his place before I get one for myself. I am also thinking of a better version of that, but I do not know how to work sheet metal.