Wednesday, September 28, 2005

First Double Bull Out

I had a terrific night last night. Our team had a bye so we gathered at the home pub for some much needed practice and chemistry building and I had a terrific night. The others did well too, and I feel we are gaining momentum in the categories of team chemistry and confidence. Next week we play a team that by all reports (okay only one person told us this) should be in the Super division but have decided to play B League this season. So I hope that our momentum stays and does not crumble. So what made my night so good? These things:

1. An exciting finish in a singles 501 game.
2. Two 135's scored.
3. Multiple Tons (did not keep track).
4. Dominated Cricket all night.

So here is how that exciting finish went down: I had 85 left with three darts in hand and decided to go bull with the first dart. This would leave me either 35 (less likely) or 60 (more likely) with two darts and I'd be happy with that. Well I missed. I hit the single 15 and had 70 left with two darts. Then I decided to try something I'd been thinking about. I decided to go triple 20, double 5 with the last two darts so that if I were to miss into the single 20, I'd still have an out with my last dart. I missed into the single 20. I had one dart left and 50 points to go. I squared up and shot with confidence and voila. Double Bull for game.

The sweetness of that win lasted all night.


Tommo said...

Congratulations on that performance! I think 85 would have seen me trying T15 to leave D20 or T18 if I only hit single 15, but yours was well thought out for your favourite targets.

Good idea to switch word verification on BTW. I'll do it if I receive more spam on my blog.

Zeeple said...

Yeah, the word verification is effective. I hesitated to turn it on for a long time but it got to the point where absolutely as soon as I would post a new entry I would get a couple of comment spams. The last thing I wanted to do was put up a barrier for people posting comments, but the spam gets real annoying real fast. And it isn't too bog of a hastle, the blogger people made it pretty user friendly, I think.