Saturday, January 11, 2003

r/Darts Weekly Challenge #11

This week's challenge is as follows:

Easy Challenge: Hit the S12, S9, and S11.
Medium Challenge: Hit the D12, D9, and D11.
Hard Challenge:  Hit the T12, T9, and T11.

I got the easy quickly, though two of the shots were squirrely.  I was using my 23 gram Steve Beaton spring-point Elkadarts wearing medium red-glitter Condor onesies:

The medium challenge was surprisingly quickly gotten. I figured I'd be happy if I only got the easy one this week with a hundred or so near misses on the medium and hards, but as it happens, I hit the doubles within my first few attempts at it.  These are the smooth 21 gram copper UFO's wearing medium pear shaped Condors:

The hard challenge this week eluded me to the very end and I never hit it, although I did have half a dozen or more very near misses, like this one, where my third dart hit the wrong triple just on the other side of the wire:

Incidentally, these r/Darts weekly challenges are a perfect companion to the RMD routine.  If my first dart misses its target making the hard (or even the medium) challenge ungettable, then the other two darts are easily (and productively) spent chasing those map pins around the board.

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