Friday, January 10, 2003

r/Darts Weekly Challenge #10

This week's challenge is as follows:

Easy Challenge: Checkout 50 using any 18 segment.
Medium Challenge: Checkout 84 using any 18 segment.
Hard Challenge:  Checkout 122 using any 18 segment.

I got the easy and medium challenges this week and as happens more often than not for me with these r/Darts challenges, I came agonizingly close on the hard... many times!

Here I went S18, and then missed inside going for the D16, and happily hit the D8 with my last dart.  The darts themselves, incidentally, are a nice looking (I think Durro) mixed material dart.  Tungsten up front, and brass in the back half the dart.  They are wearing #4 Cosmo Carbon stems which I think are a few millimeters too long for them.  I'll pick up some #3's at some point and see if that improves their configuration.

The medium challenge came in my first two darts trying for it.  I hit the T18, D15 like a boss.  I must have been channelling a bit of Peter Wright on this one :)  The darts are an 18 gram brass Lloyd style barrel that I favor sometimes, wearing medium nylon stems and standard poly flights:

The hard was frustrating this week.  I never got it.  The closest I came was the below shot where the third dart is literally touching the wire of the inner bull.  I missed into the single bull probably 20 times total during my attempts.  I also hit maybe half a dozen instances of T18, T18, and then a miss at the D7.  More often than not that third dart at the double was a choke (a wide miss).  The darts below are 24 gram Designa Dark Thunders wearing medium-standard Condors.

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