Thursday, January 02, 2003

r/Darts Weekly Challenge #2

This week's challenge is as follows:

Easy Challenge: Checkout 41
Medium Challenge: Checkout 77
Hard Challenge:  Checkout 115

The easy one was quickly gotten, and in a rather boring fashion: S1, S20, D10.  The S20 was a really bad miss.  I was obviously going for the double :P

The medium challenge took a while but I enjoyed it.  I started by going for the 51, figuring if I missed into the 17, I'd have a nice 2-dart 60 out.  But I bored of that quickly and went over to the 57.  I missed into literally everything around it and discovered the 77 out is quite fun if you aim your first dart at the T19.  However, that did not pan out, and I eventually got it with: S12, S15, DB.  Odd?  Yes.  The first dart was aimed at T20 but missed miserably into the S12 leaving 65.  65 with two darts is always T15, D10 (or S15, DB if you miss the triple (which in this case I did!)).

Note the medium challenge was done with my new 11 gram UFO's.

The hard challenge proved to be a real bear.  After dedicating three sessions and literally hundreds of visits to it with no success, I finally hit it.  I had been within a millimeter of hitting it probably 50 times though.  I ended up going T20, S15, D20:

I was cycling through a number of miscellaneous sets during my practice session tonight and happened to be throwing my 24 gram "Vintage" line Bottelsen Hammerheads, wearing medium gear Fit Stems and Shape Fit Flights.

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