Monday, April 29, 2019

Twin-Gripping the Nobu's

The Twin-Grip stem is absolutely fucking brilliant.  It is the best, "simple" nylon stem and I think it is very very a crying shame that it is no longer made.  I have a selection of mediums still, but I no longer have any short or in-between lengths, so if you would like to to unload yours please let me know!  See here:

What do I like about them?  Basically two things:

1. there is nothing for an incoming point to snag on so there are no robin hoods to worry about.  With normal nylon stems an unlucky shot will hit the cross in the back and either the stem is straight up ruined or a tine or two breaks off.  With these though, because there are only two tines holding the flight on, an incoming point will slip right past.

2. Flights stay on securely during flight, but pop off quite easily when they encounter another dart.  I like this.  Many do not, but I certainly do.  In fact for years I have been thinking about a dart design that would eject its flight automatically upon impact with the board.  I think I ned to get good at 3-d printing first so I can experiment with flight designs :)

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