Thursday, April 18, 2019

Euro Board

This information comes from Beni Petris

"January 2002: 12 countries of the European Union (EU) changed their currencies to the new EURO: (Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland (but not Northern Ireland), Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Spain). Denmark, Great Britain and Sweden stayed by their own currencies.

"For this point the Switzerland based UBS Bank (we have our own Swiss Francs here and only deal with any kind of money :-)) brought out this marvelous 12-wedged blue Bristle board with the Euro-Stars.

"I didn’t know of this board and have never seen one; but this month – two of them, both in Switzerland ! I’m proud to have it in my collection."

Well Beni I too am proud to have one in my collection, and it would seem that one found its way into Christian's collections as well! [looking for good new link] This is certainly the most interesting clock face board I own (but I say that about all my clock face boards :/) for a few different reasons. This first and foremost of which is the 12 bed configuration and the numbering of the wedges one through twelve. I have only ever seen a few clock face boards with 12 beds before and those are the Ipswitch and London 5's boards numbered in multiples of five. Also, take note that this is a high quality bristle board instead of the cheaper paper-wound cousin. When you see celebratory or product based boards made for advertising and give aways they are frequently the paper wound (also known as Paper-coil, or just "coiled") variety because they are cheaper to make and because they can be printed on both sides.

The Euro Board is also very esthetically pleasing, being bright blue with the twelve yellow stars.

I love it!  Thank you Beni!

Beni has a pretty amazing Dartboard collection himself.  Check it out here.

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