Monday, September 19, 2005

CPC: Current Preferred Configuration

Hi all, time for a CPC update. As it happens I have been limiting my barrel usage to the new set (the Dagnabits) and I have put away all of the other sets. So all that is left to mess with is the stems and the flights. I have thus far tried short nylon stems and "in-between" nylon stems, both of which are acceptible but nothing else. The medium nylons are too long for a barrel that is a full 2 inches long such as mine. The flights that work with this barrel and stem combo are many and varied. I have tried the Spiraline flights which I like quite a bit, the standard dimplex, and smooth dimplex. I have also, much to my delight, found that the mini dimplx flights work nicely, leaving the darts pretty much perpendicular to the board with no left or right slant. My CPC is as is pictured to the right. Black smooth pear shaped flights with black short stems.


Tommo said...

I’ve been using Pear shaped flights for the past year. To be honest I can’t notice the different aerodynamics which surely must exist with the smaller surface area, but I do notice the smaller space they occupy in the board, meaning less obstruction for your 2nd and 3rd darts.

Not many people seem to use them, so it’s good to see someone who has tried so many options using them in his CPC.

Zeeple said...

Thank you Tommo. It was actually you who inspired me to try them. I don't know if I would have given then a chance if you hadn't hit so many Topn-80s with yours! In all fairness, though, CPC's in my dartroom tend to be short lived.