Wednesday, April 22, 2020

r/Darts Weekly Challenge #16 (My Shots)

I've already posted a bit of analysis for this challenge in another post.  Here is my attempt at it.  First, this week's challenge is as follows:

Easy Challenge: Checkout 20 only using Green Segments.
Medium Challenge: Checkout 55 only using Green Segments.
Hard Challenge:  Checkout 105 only using Green Segments.

It is worth noting that because I am throwing on a Bandit board, I do not have the 25 as an option as my 25 is red colored, and not green.

I spent a lot of time missing the D5 with my second dart after hitting it with my first so after a while I started to mix it up a bit.  I ended up hitting the easy challenge with D1, D9:

The medium was slightly more difficult for me but I did eventually hit is with T11, D11:

I want to callout the darts I was using for the medium challenge.  They are a nice, big, fat, nickel-silver offering from Bottelsen's venerable Hammerhead line.  I suspect they are a late-80's or early-90's dart but Bottelsen has not seen fit to offer up their old catalogs for general consumption.  These are some of my favorite darts.  The clicking sound they make is unique, even among the other Hammerhead darts I have, and the points feel more "solid", as if they were engineered to fit their collet better than other similar points.  What's more, they fit my grip well, and fly well too.  I am going to find a nice Fit Stem & Flight combo for them and use them in competition more once the governor sees fit to allow that again.

The hard challenge, to date, remains elusive.  My closest attempt so far is this heart breaker in which I just barely miss the D15 with my third dart:

Of course I'll keep taking cracks at it and update should I hit it :)


thebaddarter said...

It may just be the angle, but your double segments in your photo for the Hard attempt look tiny!

The bandit isn't a training board is it, with smaller doubles and trebles?

Zeeple said...

You're right! The doubles do look small in the pics. Just the angle tho. Not a trainer!

CurbDestroyer Chronicles said...

I need some way to contact you.

CurbDestroyer Chronicles said...

...aka Dartshope Blog

Zeeple said...

Hi there. You can leave a post here, and also you can PM me on (I am Zero there).