Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Mission on a Mission

Mission Darts, a new in-house brand from Darts Corner, is definitely on a mission to win the hearts and minds of darters everywhere.  The set you see pictured in this post was gifted to me by Darts Corner as a reward for participating in a contest, hosted at DartsNutz.net.

See my entry here :)

They graciously allowed me to choose my own prize, to include any set of darts I liked from the new Mission range.  Trust me when I tell you it was hard to choose and I agonized over it for more than a day.  All of their darts are attractive, and unique.

In the end I chose the Kronos M1, in 21 grams.  I felt that the gip pattern, tho complex, was unique and not overly aggressive.  I liked the metallic blue coloring to the barrels, and the skinny pencil style is quite a good style for my type of throw.  Also, I could envision how I would configure the darts: medium length, or in-between length stems and slim flights.

As you can see, they sent a really nice note and a bag of extra flights, both of which were quite a nice touch.

This is the dart in its assembled form using the parts that came in the packaging.  Very nice looking.  When I throw the darts as assembled they angle upward in the board a little too much for my taste.  Keep in mind tho that this is not a flaw in the intended configuration at all.  Rather it is an artifact of the way I grip and throw the dart.  Other darts are likely to find that the short stems and standard flights that come with the darts are perfect for their throws, and besides, the shipped config makes for a very nice looking dart indeed!

Here is the configuration that best fits my personal throw:

I did quite a bit of experimenting before settling on this config.  My first efforts were with the medium length Twin Grips that fawn over but when configured as such the darts were a bit long.  Sometimes hitting my cheek on the backswing, and sometimes landing in the board angled downward.  I could have tried a standard flight with the Twin Grips, but then the dart would have hit my cheek a lot more I think.  A slightly shorter stem corrected both items.  The dart doesn't hit my cheek anymore, and they land in the board square!

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