Tuesday, June 17, 2008

17 gram Evolutions

Here are my new darts from a company in Germany called Evolution:

They are one of the most interesting darts I have ever seen. They are coated steel and they are all one piece. There is no separate stem. Makes me wonder what'll happen when they hood.


Bada said...

Very interesting... especially the built in shafts.
Just looked at their website... that converts to about $198 dollars for a set. Pretty swanky. I'd be interested to read how they fly with standard flights.

Barnacle said...

When I threw them, I noticed that they tended to substantially drop on the back, due to the distribution of the weight pretty much evenly from tip to tail. But every once in a while they'd tumble and hit with the tail way higher than the tip. They just don't seem to have enough front weighting to cause the flight to provide enough stabilization.


Bada said...

Was that with the provided flights or with standards?

Tommo said...

I saw the picture before I read the text, and immediately thought the same thing; they must suffer from impact from following darts? They look very grippy though.

Zeeple said...

The truth is that even though I have thrown them hundreds of times now, I have yet to Robin Hood them. So definitive results from that cannot be shown, although I did pierce a flight with an incoming dart, which I will post a picture of soon.

As far as the price goes, remember that the dollar is currently weak against the Euro so I do not think that you can really use that number as their "price", and I am sure that the company who makes these darts is aware of this so they might be willing to take less, but you'd have to ask them.

The grip is excellent!

Anonymous said...

dartdawg i just checked the exchange rate from eur to usd they are 201.530 usd that was on 7/28/08
at 11:23 est