Sunday, December 16, 2007

26 Gram Fixed Point CT's

I call these CT's. They are not MP darts and they were made especially for me and are thus a unique one of a kind set.

The points are a little short for my taste so I may end up replacing the points (but to be fair I did ask for short points).

As you can see they are similar in shape and appearance to my 28 gram GT's.

These three darts are all made from 75% Copper Tungsten. The middle one I have had for about a year. The other two are brand new. The material darkens as it ages.


Anonymous said...

they are very nice,jeff made me the 24 gram in the 90% tungsten. great feel. you can almost feel the 180's lol. hope you enjoy them as much as i do..

Zeeple said...

Right on Griff. I have already ton-80'd with the other set he made me but not this one so far. I have hit some pretty good shots though. I really like the feel of them!

ovs said...


Where can i buy the copper tungsten,

Thanks regards ovs