Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Spike Spiraline

Here is a pic of my new "Spike" style Spiraline flights. The entire ensemble is as thus:

Flights: Spike Spiraline
Shafts: short Hacksaw
Barrels: 24 gram Powerpoint Dimplex

You can also see there my Unicorn wooden dart case. I seem to like the flights, I am not sure about the shafts, and the darts are not worth a dime. They are not very well weighted, and I could never quite find a shaft length or flight style combination to really make them fly true. If they wanted to improve them they'd either have to make them longer and thinner, or forward weight them.

As always, click the image for a larger picture.

1 comment:

Zeeple said...

LOL! "for those with nothing to do..." just about describes this blog! I appreciate your link though and I hope your readers enjoy my little corner of the net.

RE: the Spike style Spiraline flights. I do use them but I also use the regular heart shaped spiraline flights as well as many other regular flights (standard dimplex, for example). The spiralines are a bit wide but I have not notice any greater occurance of Robin Hoods.

Your observation about blocking your view is dead on though. Group three of these darts even relatively close and it is like putting a little boquet of roses on the board. I still like them though.

Thanks for showing my Mystery Darts around. I wish I had kept that third dart when they were discarded, but you know, trying to track down another set has proven to be quite the adventure!