Sunday, August 01, 2004

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3inabed Dart Shop - I strongly encouraage you to purchase darts from this person. He is a regular contributor to the Paul Williams Sweepstakes Prize Fund. That kinda karma needs returned.

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PDPA - This is the main page for the Professional Dart Player's Association in England.
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Anonymous said...

Hi from Switzerland
Have a look at my collection of board, darts, patches, pins, ...
Greetings from the mountains
Good Darts
Ben -

Zeeple said...

Hi Beni, Absolutely I am very familiar with your web pages. You are one of the pioneers of online dart stuff collections. I asspire to your collection and I have made some progress. I was able to find a couple of the Golf dartboards. Thanks for the reminder to put a link to your fine collection on my pages.

bb7000 said...

Maybe a blue euro-board for you - I'm on the hunt for a second one (but not on ebay). You will hear soon from me ...

Zeeple said...

That's terrific Beni! I see that you have updated your dartboard section on your website, I am very pleased to see some of the new boards you have. The Euro board looks really nice. I also quite like that Cricket board you have, as well as the unusual 18 hole golf board with the bright orange wedges. I look forward to hearing from you on the Euro board for sure.

bb7000 said...

The Cricket thing and the 18hole-Golf are not made of bristle and I have them for about two years now. I decided to put up the pictures just for their unusual grafics.

Bingo Zeeple - got the BLUE FOR YOU - sold to the crazy collector from the mountains - it was set up on an Swiss auction site and as cheap as the one (luckily only we two) have seen on ebay. It's exactly the same. (bristle, blue and new).
The board is still in the other half of Switzerland and I will get it personally from the seller in 10 days when I travel to the Swiss Open.
Then from Switzerland over the pond I think ... ;-)

Zeeple said...

This is terrific! I anxiously look forward to receiving it.

I would imagine that this dartboard was specially made to celebrate
the forming of the European Union. And because it only has 12 wedges,
does this mean there were originally 12 member states of the EU? Is
that why there are 12 stars on the EU flag? There seem to be 25 or
more members now.

I guess they decied to number the 12 wedges 1 to 12 simply as a
celebration of the EU having 12 members but did so not realizing that
there are no games that exist for a 12 wedge board numbered as such.
The Five's boards have 12 wedges, but are numbered in increments of 5,
and have games designed to reduce from 505.

What do you think?

bb7000 said...

1. January 2002: 12 countries of the European Union (EU) changed their currencies to the new EURO: (Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland (but not Northern Ireland), Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Spain).
Denmark, Great Britain and Sweden stayed by their own currencies.

For this point the Switzerland based UBS Bank (we have our own Swiss Francs here and only deal with any kind of money :-)) brought out this marvelous 12-wedged blue Bristle board with the Euro-Stars.

I didn’t know of this board and have never seen one; but this month – two of them, both in Switzerland ! I’m proud to have it in my collection.

Zeeple said...

That is some great information!! I will definitely include it in the
blog post when I get mine!

I did a little research too when I started thinking about how the Euro Flag came about. According to the info I found the flag with the 12 stars has been in use since 1955 by some org in Europe and then adopted in 1986 by the EU. The 12 stars were there because 12 was thought to be a perfect number.

Do you ever throw darts at your unusual or
rare boards?

Alan Williamson Jr. said...

Boys Boys!! Have I been gone that long? I need a euro board LOL!! Beni If you get another Ill buy... My collection is growing pale to both yours and Zeeples lol I finally found a casino 301 board but I still search for a Blade MX board If you ever come across other golf and or that crazy cricket board please get one for me and Ill reward you nicely lol

OK guys heres a good site I found with some unusual boards check it out...



Alan Williamson Jr. said...
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Zeeple said...

Alan, I have good news for you. I have an extra Blade MX board, and I also have a Gold Bogey board. Let me know if you are interested in trading for something! Great to see you are still interested in darts!