Sunday, November 19, 2006

First SEWA Ton-80: 20th Lifetime

This is the first Ton-80 I have hit with any darts wearing my new Team SEWA flights (and my 20th lifetime maximum to date). For give the funky camera angle I wanted to make sure the Team SEWA flights were prominently displayed. It really is the 20 bed and not the 12 bed:

I am quite happy about it. The story of how I got the Team SEWA flights is a nice one too, but is best reserved for a future post. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

nice flights! :)
I am an Italian player and I have a dart blog that links your. Can we make a link exchange? Thanks!

Zeeple said...

Nice Blog!! I will link to it in my links section as soon as I have time. First I want to blog about it though ;)

Darttalker said...

Nice to see those SEWA flights in action!