Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Dardi, chiunque?

Wow. Dart blogs are popping up all over the internet and the latest look about reveals a few that I would like to point out for everyone's benefit. "Dardi, chiunque?", according to my very good friend Google Translation, means "Darts, anyone?" in Italian... Yep you guessed it: time to brush up on your Italian reading skills so you can enjoy the following dart blog:

This blog, as soon as I saw it went straight to the top of my dart blogs bookmarks. Looks like this blogger posts some really good content including some videos. I look forward to similar quality content in the future. The only catch is that I do not speak Italian. But I speak Spanish, so I am confident that I can pick up written Italian in no time at all. After all, I already know the subject matter, right?


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for your dedicated post!
A little Italian lesson :)
Darts in Italy are called "freccette" and my blog Freccette Perforanti could be translated with "percing darts" (from action to pierce). Sorry for my bad English, but I haven't any occasion to speak English and I am not trained.
Such as you asked me, you can see my darts here:
I play with steeltip and softtip darts.

Zeeple said...

Hi there! I used to play with soft tip as well but it has been a long time. I have converted all of my soft tip darts to steel tip since then. They all wear conversion points now.

I will try to create a links section. I was hoping I would be invited to the blogger beta program so I could do more with my blog but that has not come to pass ;) I'll create a links section anyway.

Darttalker said...

I found this blog today, and used google to get an idea of what it's about, and relly enjoyed it. I'll be adding it to my links as well.

By the way have you seen
it's very active so far, and has a couple nice tournament write ups.

Anonymous said...

I also enjoy Andrea's blog. It's nice to see so many people around the world sharing an interest in writing about darts! I just found a blog in England which is similar to my own in that it discusses league play. Ebchester darts,
Good darts to all!
Kevin Liebkemann

Zeeple said...

Hi Kevin, what a smaall world, huh? As it happens YOUR blog is on my daily browse as well. I should really create a links side bar item. Thanks for stopping by!