Saturday, February 11, 2006

Odd Find

I was wandering around the mall this afternoon killing time. Didn't expect to see any dart stuff at all, since the area I am in is really really bad for brick and mortar type dart places. I wandered into the cutlery store and started looking at all the knives and daggers and Klingon looking ninja crap. I was enjoying their selection and moving slowly down the counter and then all of a sudden I see a bucket on the counter with discounted dart stuff. Stems and flights and tools, etc. A closer examination revealed some dart sets behind the counter, mostly soft tip. I started chatting with the guy. He started showing me some of the sets and I asked if there were any steel tip darts there. He said no, but all I needed to do was put one of these conversion tip sets on the darts and then they become steel tip. This is what I said:

"Cool. Whats the heaviest set you got?"

He proceeded to show me a set of Piranha soft tips which were marked 20 grams. Then he said this: "But once you put the conversion tips on them they become 24 grams." Conversion points do not weight 4 grams each. There is no way. Even if they were solid tungsten tips they would not. So I said this:


I wasn't going to buy them anyway and I didn't feel like being one of those pedantic pricks who feels the need to correct people all the time. Thats when I noticed these behind the counter:

I immediately recognized them as a set of steel tip darts that takes the special small threaded stems that are usually listed as "kung fu" or "villain" stems. Such as can be seen HERE and HERE. I couldn't resist. I had to have a set. I have never had this kind before. Besides, I was already elated that I found a place that sells dart stuff. Plus he made it hard to resist. He threw in a set of flights to replace the crappy warped ones the darts came with, and I told him I didn't like the case so he let me swap it out for a wooden one. On top of all that he knocked off ten bucks. These be them:

The dart case they were in didn't say anything about their weight but when I got home and weighed the barrels they were 24 gram (my preferred weight!!) and I believe they were called 'Scoundrels' made by either DMI or Dart World. Not sure. If anyone knows what they are please tell me! Thanks!!

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