Friday, February 17, 2006

No. 10: 1st Ton-80 of 2006!

This is my tenth lifetime ton-80 and I am quite pleased with it:

Just tossing some light practice with no real focus or sense of urgency. Nothing intence just an occational toss at the board. I hit the first two right next to each other and I then did a really excellent job of not choking. I mentally took note of the situation without letting it affect my rhythm, stance grip or composure and that third dart slipped right in there as pretty as you please.

The darts:

Points: Fixed
Barrels: 24 gram Nodor STT-900
Stems: Short Aluminum
Flights: Unicorn Dimplex Pear


Anonymous said...

Holy Crap you must throw hard. My darts never bury themselves to the barrel like that.

Anonymous said...

Pretty looking shot. I also noticed how close the end of the barrel is to the board. I've been trying to increase the velocity without hurting my accuracy. So far no luck.

One dart will feel great and then I do something slightly different and it looks like I wimped out on the shot.

Zeeple said...

Seahag, Not at all. I think it is actully a property of the Eclipse because I do not feel like I am throwing that hard at all. In fact, like you, mcvivkj, I once tried to increase the velocity of my throws, but it resulted in poorer accuracy. I would say my throw is of average hardness.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the first 180 !!! Keep on counting. I am writing down my 180 shots for 2006. Number 13 yesterday. Cheers from Germany

Zeeple said...

13?? I have some catching up to do! Do you toss soft tip or steel? Also, what sort of darts do you use?

Anonymous said...

> 13?? I have some catching up to do!

Number 14 on sunday, hope to do one in league this evening.

> Do you toss soft tip or steel?

Steel darts of course !

> Also, what sort of darts do you use?

Taylor Purist Tungsten, short nylon shafts, Pear Flights

Zeeple said...

You know those Taylor Purest are WILDLY popular! I know at least one other guy I play against online who swears by them, and I see them mentioned in the forums constantly. It's crazy. I might have to get myself a set...

And it's a good thing you got that 14th Ton-80. You know, "The Hobbit" wouldn't exist if Gandalf weren't so superstitious regarding the number 13.

Good Shooting, Juergen

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know that these darts are popular. I thought that what is good for the best shooter on the planet might be good for myself. They are the best darts that I have ever thrown, and I tried a lot. And they are cheap. You will get them at a low price here:

Cheers from Germany

Zeeple said...

Thanks for the link, but I will likely get them through a US retailer to save on shipping!!

Anonymous said...

I'm very sure that you'll pay more at any US retailer including shipping for the purist darts, just compare the total.