Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Turning 50

Well, not really.  I am not 50 yet.  But I did hit my 50th Maximum the other night in the midst of one of the most painful outings I have had in recent memory.

Best part?  Instant gratification, of course!  The organizer of the event, who happens to be the President of the League was able to offer me the choice of a pin or a patch on the spot.  Being an Eagle Scout, of course I chose the patch.  I suddenly feel like I have earned the "Ton-80 Merit Badge".

This maximum came off the backs of my highly prized 24 gram Black Eagles by Laserdarts.  You can see they are wearing in-between length Fit Flight Stems and Standard Fit Flights.  One of the stems snapped before the end of the evening.

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