Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's the Best Out for 90?

I do not know the best out. In this particular game I went 20, 20, 50, and while that might seem like madness, there is a method to it! The reason this was interesting enough to me to take a picture (read: interesting enough to make me think about the blog) is because not 5 minutes prior to this hit, I was in a discussion with Warren Mundt regarding the best out for 90!

It was last night, and my teammate John and I were going through a Chicago Round prior to the semi-finals (we were about to play against Warren's team). We were on cricket and I hit a five count in 18's. While my brain was spinning Warren called out from the other board where he was warming up: "90. I remember that because a 90 out is triple 18, double 18." I responded with something like: "True, that is a common out, but I have to say, I don't like it." Then the 90 Out discussion ensued.

What it boils down to is that there are two camps. Those who follow the advice of just about every out chart ever printed: T18 - D18; and those few of us that think like me: T20 - S10 - D10. And the reason I think this is a better out strategy for 90 is essentially because if you miss into the single 20, 70 is still a good two dart out. To spell it out bit, with 70 and 2 darts you should go T20, D5, because if your first dart misses into the S20 then you still have the double bull with your last dart. You are maximizing your backup plan. So I think another good way to think about this is like this:

Which is the better two dart out? 70 or 72? I asked that same question to Warren and he agreed with me that 70 is a better two dart out because there is nothing you can aim at on the board where if you miss into the single you still have a one dart out. With 70 you do. With both out strategies for 90 you are aiming at a triple. If you miss your triple, you are better off with 70 than 72. Anyway, we had this small discussion while John and I were playing cricket, and then next up in the Chicago Round was one of the 01 games and I ended up with 90. Testing my theory I aimed at the triple 20 and missed. 70 left with 2 darts: I aimed at the triple 20 again and missed again! As you can see from the picture the last dart validated me just fine and dandy.

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Unknown said...

Damm nice shot Zeeple! I usually go Trip 18 Double 18, this one should go in my practice routine!

Zeeple said...

Hi there Rags! How's it goin dude? Funny you should post your comment before I added text to the post since the whole reason I took the picture was to illustrate a discussion regarding the 90 Out!

Tommo said...

I agree with your 90 out shot on 20's. I'd always look at 18's but it is a bad "beginner's" habit. If you want to maximise your chances of a look at a finishin double / bull it has to be 20's.

Zeeple said...

Right as rain Tommo. I wonder how the pros would weigh in on this issue. Seems like those guys miss so infrequently it is less of an issue for them to think in terms of backup plans etc.

Tommo said...

Well interestingly my favourite pro site run by Karlheinz Zochling at is also in full agreement on this one :

"going out on D15 might sound disgusting on first thought, compared to the "normal" T18 - D18 option. But with the latter you are required to hit at least one treble, while the T20 - D15 option lets you go out without absolutely needing a treble. Therefore, if you need this out shot, avoid T18. Only if you have the time for percentage play you should use the T18 - D18 path."

Darttalker said...

During the last couple of pro events, I watched to see what they would do when on 90 with 3 darts, what I saw was:
Most went straight for the t20, d5 option.
The next biggest option seem to be split between t18, d18 and bull, d20.
Personally I'm more accurate on t20 that Bulls so I'll likely be looking at the t20, d5 option more often. This will be a challenge, because it's an ingrained habit to try t18, d18.