Friday, January 08, 2010

18 darter

This ties my previous best games. As I recall from the game I hit my 60 out with 3 darts, and not two as I previously misremembered. Another reason this game was special for me is because I am certain this is the first time I have ever hit back to back ton-40's. Now if I can only do that with maximums ;)

This game occurred at work. I was playing a three way 501 with Jake and Nathan. I am fortunate in that I am afforded the opportunity to take a break once a day to throw a couple of games with my colleagues. It makes for a nice break in the day and allows me to refocus a little better when I get back to my desk.

This ties my previous Lowest Game of 18 darts, which occurred against my friend and former captain at work sometime in April 2008, and then again in June.

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