Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Took First in Sunday Luck (and a double's trick to boot)

Had a successful Luck on Sunday. I was paired up with an A League shark with an attitude to win and we took first place. The whole day was a good day from the afternoon practice before the shoot to the shoot itself.

Messing around earlier in the day I picked up my Assassins for a casual toss and ended up nailing a 171 (this was actually a spot-shooting exercise) so I kept up with them for an hour and hit a couple 140's in practice, then a couple more Ton-40's during the actual luck of the Draw. Feels nice to hit some worthy numbers with on lookers. I hit a few other Ton's but nothing to write home about.

The highlight of the shoot was taking out the winning double in a three way tie for first place. My partner left me with 24 and I missed into the single 12 and then took out the double 6 with the next dart. There were some very good shooters in the Luck so it felt like a well earned win.

Also, Before the shoot I took out a nice doubles trick. d16 d8 and d4 on the
first round that I decided to do some doubles. After that I missed the double 2 several rounds in a row and hung up the doubles before my confidence waned.

In the first game hit a ton and I took out 40 for the win. Second game I hit some nice tight groups but never for more than 60 points. Still this was encouraging as I have been concentrating on taking a breath and throwing slow concentrated shots. And spot shooting.

In the next set of two games I hit a 140 and took out a 16 with a single dart for one more win (I believe my partner and I pretty much split the wins between us evenly). In The fifth game I hit shit and we lost but the sixth game I hit another ton-40 and also took out a 4 with one dart winning it for us. The round before I had 84 left and missed into the single one and then decided to go 51, 32. I hit the 51 but wired the 32 inside leaving 16.

A nice evening.

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