Saturday, January 26, 2008

19 gram Nobu's

These are my 19 gram Nobuyuki darts from Voks. They are lighter than I am used to and they are significantly shorter in the barrel. I spent several hours trying different stem and flight combinations until I settled on th config in the picture. I am still learning how to throw them well but what attracted me to them in the first place: the rear and front barrel grippage, makes them a very good barrel for my grip style.

As of January 14, 2020, this is my best configuration of these darts:


Anonymous said...

I like the nobu design a lot, but not crazy about the shortness of the barrel. I throw darts that are Taylor length, significantly longer.

Do you think a custom dart maker could replicate that design well in a longer barrel?

Zeeple said...

I know what you mean. The shortness of the barrel is going to take some getting used to for me too, but I have found my per round avarage creeping up slowly over ther pasy week. For me it just means that my middle finger is completely on the point and not on the barrel at all.

As far as what a custom dart maker could do, yes, I think they could come up with a similar design in a longer dart. You'd have to contact them to be for certain though. I think Jeff Pickup is on vacation until April but that might give you some time to do some drawings and figure out what you really need in terms of grippage.

Anonymous said...

I just ordered a 19 gram set from Voks because I also love the design. Yours looks great in that configuration.

I throw a very short barreled dart right now, 18 gram Cyclones, and although it seems to be abit fatter than the Nobu, I'm thinking it should work well for me. These will be my first Voks darts. They seem very innovative.

Anonymous said...

I work at Voks darts in Mentor,ohio
and we do make these darts in a 22 and 24 gram with longer barrels.

We make all our darts here in Ohio and would be happy to make custom darts.

Webpage is
Thank you for the comments