Sunday, January 06, 2008

Finals Bound

So my dart team is headed for the finals next week and we are playing against a good (duh) team that is likely to put up really good fight. To get there we had to get past another really good team in the semifinals round.

The semifinals was a fun night. We smashed our opponents 11-3 which is a huge surprise considering that they are a strong team with at least two very strong players. Their captain as well as another guy who was B League's top player a few seasons ago. I guess part of it was that they were just off form but I think also there was a little bit of us being "on" too.

We played the team game first and I happened to take out the money shot, which was 20, with a miss and a hit (d10). Then in the singles 401 (Seattle seems to be the only place in the world which plays 401. Not sure why. Perhaps they figured since it was B League we couldn't handle the arduous extra 100 points?) I took on their captain and managed to hit my 36 out before he could hit his. By all rights I should have lost that game. My opponent have several turns at a single dart out and he could not hit it which was quite unusual for him. Then in Cricket I took on the former top player and beat him handily with 85 points to spare. I was a point ho that game but that is just the way you have to play cricket at higher levels of play. Point early, point often. I was surprised to do so well against him. I was hitting my triples pretty well but he normally beats me.

We never made it to the doubles cricket games. The semifinal match was decided during the doubles 501 games, and my partner and I had the honor of being in the deciding match. My partner took out the ten for us. All in all it was a fun night and I am happy to be moving onto the finals round against yet another tough opponent (duh).


Tommo said...

Well done Zeeple, ad I'll be watching out for your result when you report it. These winning money shots are really all that count, so you deserved that.

Zeeple said...

Thanks Tommo! I been bad about blogging over the last year or so and I am hoping for the new leaf this year. I am not going to jinx it with resolutions though hahaha.

A word on money shots: I started calling the out shot during the team game the money shot because when i lived and shot in Pittsburgh everyone put a dollar behind the board and the person who ended the game with a successful out shot kept the money! Unfortunately we don't do it here :(