Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I Was the Geek (18th Max)

Tonight in league I personally did so-so but during warm up I did hit my 18th lifetime Ton-80. I was very happy about it for a couple reasons but first, if you are wondering how I got this shot of it...

Yes, I was the geek taking a picture of the dartboard!

So what were the cool things about this particular ton-80? Well for starters, I ton-80'd with this very set of darts, configured for soft tip, so that make it the only set of darts I have ever maximumed with on both steel tip and plastic tip boards. I don't know why that is significant. It just feels significant. But also, most of my maximums have been at home practicing alone and with no witnesses. It feels nice to be able to point to the boards and say "Hey. Look what I did."

I hope next time the Ton-80 comes in an actual match.

Also tonight I doubled in on the double bull in a DIDO 401 game. We lost the game but the 85-in on the DB sure felt nice.

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