Monday, October 16, 2006

17th Ton-80

Next year's new years resolution is gonna be a toughy.

These are the Dags wearing short nylons with Pear shaped dimplex flights. I was just gonna throw one of them cause it was on top of something I wanted. But when it hit the Sweet Spot I dug out the other two darts to see what would happen.

Ha! Look what happened!


Anonymous said...

Hi Zepple,

congrats on your no. 17.

Did myself no. 92 for 2006 yesterday.
I'm also using dimplex flights, but the slim ones.

Keep on the good work.
Cheers from Germany

Zeeple said...

Thanks Jurgen! My goal is to hit at least 20 before New Years now, I hope I can do it. I like the dimplex flights but I use dynastar more often than anything else these days.