Monday, April 10, 2006

Club House Golf

What a great find. This is one of the more interesting bristle boards I have ever seen, and I bought it in brand new condition. Any holes in the board are made by me and the ultra-light apex style darts that came with the board. My buddy Barn and I staarted throwing a game on it but it was so hard to hit the fairways and holes that we had to quit for dinner. You can really see the biscuits in the board, and I would say not very many tons of pressure went into making the board itself as the darts, even the light ones, slide into the board with minimal effort. This makes me think the board would get chewed up quickly so I will not play on it too much.

The score boards are a sort of black plexiglass with white writing on them and seem to be set up for a very particular sort of golf game. There were no rules sent with the board so I am not real sure what the exact rules are but probably they are similar to real golf. The board also came with one of those white wax markers for keeping score on the black plexiglass. Pretty clever and nice looking set up.

The Board also came with six ultra-light Apex darts. They only weight XX grams. I think these were included so the board would last a bit longer. The sisal fibers are so loose that if you were to throw your average 26 gram MP dart the board would be destroyed in short order!!

One thing I really like about this board is the attention to detail and fine craftsmanship. There are some extras that they didn't really have to include in the building of it such as the sign on top the cabinet, the little golf flag, the green material behind the board, etc. Very nicely done! Here is a good view of the overall effect:


Anonymous said...

Nice looking board, congratulations on the great find. Is there any chance of another board from your source ??? Juergen

Zeeple said...

Unfortunately no. The guy recieved it as a gift from someone else. If you look closely on the scoreboard there is a phone number. I tried calling it but it was not in service.

Anonymous said...

Hi from the Swiss mountains
Zeeple, you know that I have the same board at home here - great thing. What luck you had to find the whole thing with two 'score cards'! I have only the board with one black plexi sheet. Anyway - Good (golf)darts !

Zeeple said...

Hi Beni, you and me are the only one's I know of that have these boards. It would be neat if we could play come virtual games sometimes, maybe with webcams. Thanks for the comment!

hardten said...

So I actually have one as well... I am from NJ and coincidentally a friend of mine is the creator of these boards. I used to work with him at a private golf course in NJ and he gave me one. This is going back about 20 years ago so I am not sure where he is now or if they still make them but it is really cool to see others in circulation.

Zeeple said...

That's really great! If you ever reestablish contact with your friend it would be great to know a bit more about these boards. How many were made, between what years, and any interesting tid bits related to any aspect of them. 100 years from now someone is going to really, really, want to know all about them and it would be great to preserve as much as possible now, while the creator and some of the owners are still about!