Monday, April 17, 2006

Back Blogging

I have created several back blogs within The Dart Indoors. What is a back blog? It is a blog post that is back dated to a date before the blog actually started. The inaugural post in this blog was posted on September 20, 2004. It was a post requesting help identifying and finding some darts that I had scavanged from an ashtray in a bar (discarded by their former owner). So any post you see on The Dart Indoors dated before that has been back blogged. But I only back blog for the purposes of gathering similar posts, or "utility" posts as I like to call them, into a central point for perusal. What makes this worthwhile is the way that blogspot will archive posts. When an Archive is created, all post from a single month are moved to one page, making it easy to say things like: "Click on this archive to see all of my...." etc. The following is a quick summary of my main Back Blogs:


May, 2004: Dartboard Thumbnails.

This back blog was created for no other reason than to showcase my dartboard collection. I have created a single post with a series of small (but clickable) photos of each board and a link that will go to a different more detailed blog post discussing the various boards. If you notice, in the upper right section of the blog, there is a section called 'Enjoy this Linkage' with a link that says My Boards. Well, clicking this link will take you to the May, 2004 backblog. It used to take you to the June 2004 backblog but I decided that there was too much scrolling involved to see all my boards at a glance. So now, the June 2004 backblog (discussed below) is now only accessible by clicking on the names of the boards in the Thumbnails backblog or by clicking on the June 2004 Archive link.


June, 2004: My Dartboards

More detailed descriptions of my boards.


July, 2004: My Darts

This is a gathering of (what used to be) my darts collection.  These days I am thinking differently in terms of how to group them in the blog.  Still, the July 2004 archive will remain, as a reminder of all the fun and pretty darts I have had in my collection over the years.  Many got traded away for different sets.


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