Friday, April 21, 2006

11th Lifetime Ton-80

Here is the second Ton-80 I have hit this year and I am quite excited about it.

I am excited for a couple reasons. First, these are the lightest darts I have ever Maxed with (15 grams) and second because they seem to be flying consistently well for me. This Ton-80 came on the back of a Ton-40, an 85 and a Ton-25. Lots of triple 20's in there to make me think these are viable darts.

The darts:

Points: Fixed
Barrels: 15 gram Featherlights by Red Dragon
Stems: Short Nylon Dynastar
Flights: Black Pear Dynastar


Anonymous said...

15 grams?!? WOW! I tried throwing my teammates 19 gram darts and I was all over the place. Much different than my 24 gram darts. :)

Look at all of that room left. You could have stuffed at least three more darts inside that tripple. ;)

Tommo said...

I didn't have my own darts with me on Saturday night and had to throw with a really terrible set of pub darts. They weren't tungsten or even brass. They must've been 15 grams or less, but after a few throws I was hitting decent shots, so I think it's possible to adapt to whatever you're throwing with.

Zeeple said...

mcvickj: yep, 15 grams. and good darts I have been using them and used them in the first week of the PWONWCDL against Seahag. They throw well for me especially since I put the pear shaped dynastar flights on them. And you know what? I tell people my preferred weight is 24 grams. Time to revise my thinking.

Tommo: not tungsten and not brass? What in heaven's name were they? I bet the were chrome plated brass of something. And you are right about adapting. I picked up some light wooden darts recently and did okay!

Tommo said...

I think the "non tungsten / non brass" must be made out of an ordinary steel of some type. Everyone has commented on just how light they are.

Zeeple said...

Hm.. Seems I have seen steel darts on unnicorn's site I believe. I bet they would be lighter. I have always dreamed of having titanium darts. Now THOSE would be light.