Sunday, January 01, 2006

Consolation Prize for 2006 Sweeps

Even though I am not a dart dealer nor a peddler of any dart supplies whatsoever, I have decided to contribute to the prizes that will be awarded for the 2006 Sweeps which take place over at the terrific and always spectacular Paul Williams site.

And since I don't have tons of inventory in and out my door, I will contribute one of what I happen to have plenty of...

My Favorite Stem!

But it will not go to the first place winner. Instead it will go to the person with the fewest points but who has participated in all (okay most) events. So this is a consolation prize for the one person who is persistent, yet persistantly unlucky... Unless that person happens to be me, then it will go to the next in unluckiness. Here is the stem set:

The Sweeps I am referring to is a fun thing run by the operator of the Paul Williams website. He runs a year long contest where participants are randomly assigned to various dart players in the major competitions and then we accumulate points based on how they do in real life. In 2005, I accumulated the second most points of all the people who played and I won a nice little prize doing so! (Which will be blogged upon arrival.) The generosity of the people offering gifts from their inventory has inspired me to kick in a little tid bit.

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