Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Real Poke in the Eye

So the cosmic forces have aligned to poke me in the eye. I have not thrown a dart since our loss on Tuesday. I picked them up today, just now, and threw the hat trick pictured to the right. No darts in two days and what a way to start. Juergen is right. There must be a flaw in my mental game. But perhaps it is just that I throw on my practice board at home so often, and I have hit so many great shots, that my confidence on this board in particular is rock solid. Whereas when I get to the bar, with different lighting, different board quality (wires and staples there vs. blades at home), different air (smokey-chokey there vs. clean at home), etc., it is different enough that home practice counts for not very much. What makes this all the more cruel is that on Tuesday, the second match I was in was cricket. And we had them under our thumb right down to the very end and then I couldn't hit the bull. They in turn punded the bull and killed us. It was a bloddy mess. Since when can I not hit the bulls? That is one of my strongest targets normally. And before the match on Tuesday I hit my first Deadeye, hit several hat tricks in warm up too.

This mystery remains to be solved.


Anonymous said...

Hi Zepple,

try to remember yourself what you thought exactly when beeing in front and just to hit the bull.
"Just to hit this bull and we're gonna win". That might be the reason. You should better just pick up a point in the bull to concentrate on or think of a black hole or concentrate on your breath, but never think what would happen if you're gonna hit that fucking bull.

Cheers from Germany

Zeeple said...

Yes. Good call. I will pay attention to the status of the game between turns but when I am on the oche I will remove all thoughts about winning and just concentrate on the target.