Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Forward Weighting: The Bulge

In the end, front loading is front loading. A tapered dart is simply a forward bulge dart whose bulge smoothes into the rest of the barrel evenly. All of the advantages of the taper dart are also true of the forward bulge dart. There is a lump of metal near the front that you wrap your fingers around, providing an excellent and consistent grip, the weight distribution of the dart reduces wobble and allows for a flatter trajectory.

All of the darts pictured below are front loaded, but only two are true front bulge darts. The first is a 23 gram Fixed Point Warrior from, I think, DMI. I saw them first on the Shooter's Edge website and tracked them down from there. These are some of my favorite darts. They are very unique in that the stem is mostly incorporated into the barrel, and you just use the tips of the spinster shafts, which push fit into the end of the barrel. These darts would be considered tapers if it weren't for the depression mid barrel. There are very very nice darts.

The second, as you can tell, is not a true front bulge dart but it is front loaded by virtue of having a tungsten front on a mostly brass barrel. This is one front weighted dart that requires some attention to always have the same grip since you are relying on knurling to hold the barrel. These are 21 gram FP Harrows Rhinos. They are not my favorite dart by any stretch. They are too light for my taste and the barrel is a tad thick. After my first season in Seattle my team had done poorly and so we were invited to a "tournament of losers." These darts were third prize. I came in fourth, but the first place winner, a friend of mine, opted not to take a prize.

The third set is a set of true blue forward bulge darts in the classic style. This is a very reliable set of darts due to the bulge being the perfect size and shape for wrapping my three fingers around it. This ensures I have a consistant grip everytime. These are 24 gram FP Smooth Laserdart KC's.

As always, click the image for a larger picture.

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