Monday, April 06, 2020

The Blackout

I am not the only darter in the world who has lamented over and over that the dartboard manufactures out there are too zealous with their branding, and take up way too much non-scoring area with distracting logos, etc.  It is downright shameful.  I have seen the suggestion on many different forums over the years to "black out" the offending logos with paint or marker or something, and that is just what I have done.


As it turns out, with a standard black Sharpie pen I was able to improve my dartboard about 1000%.  No more distracting and useless logos to pull your eyes away from those doubles.  I have left the 'T' and the 'B' from the phrase 'The Bandit' because I use those in my practice routines.  Typically I'll have a pink map pin beneath the B if I am aiming at the bulls with the first dart and the T if I am aiming at the trebles with the first dart.  See the routine I am talking about, here.

Also noteworthy is that the blackness of the Sharpie and the blackness of the non-scoring area of the dartboard are nigh a match.  If you stand up close to the board and examine the area around the T and B you can see a slightly darker shade of black, but you have to be looking for it.  Between the blacking out of the logos and the dismissal of the number ring I have an excellent, undistracting board to practice on :)

I just can't believe it took me 17 years to do this.

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