Friday, January 31, 2020

24 gr "Vintage Line" Bottelsen Hammerheads

I love me some Bottelsens.  I have a very hard time resisting buying them when I see them, especially if they are old or unusual or interesting, or just, well, darty.  This set is from a discontinued line called the "Vintage" line of original hammerheads.  This particular set is your typical 24 gram, 2BA threaded (front and back) hammerhead-equipped, dart:

The below close up shows off the barrel a little bit better.  The grip is on the grippier side of the Bottelsen knurl.  One of the things I have quite appreciated from Bottelsen over the years is that they have always offered several levels of grippiness with their knurling from completely smooth (which I like), to very fine knurling (which is a bit slippy for me, ironically), all the way to "Gorilla Grip" which is their grippiest knurling.  I believe the knurl on these darts would be classified as the "course knurl".  Also, the dart is a 9/32 thickness which I prefer over the 1/4, and is shorter.

The packaging:

There is nothing like the distinctive click of a hammerhead dart when it hits the board.  It is a comforting sound to me, even if I do not buy into the theory that moving points help prevent bounce-outs on wired boards.  This set, as configured here are dressed in short aluminum stems and SEWA pear flight.  I thought that was a nice appropriate look for an American made dart!

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