Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dart Maul Wins :)

Last night was a great finals match in the ECDO B League. Of course, our team was probably playing slightly below its level, given that we likely would have signed up for the A League if it weren't for all those darn Thursday night soccer practices, and also given that we (for the most part) decimated every team we hit this season. So on the one hand it was no surprise that we won the finals but on the other hand, the team we played against in the finals matched was able to keep it close and pushed us all the way towards the far end of the score sheet. They took eight off us in the end. So I am happy for a lot of reasons. I am happy because we won and that always feels good, but I am also happy that we had to fight for it in the last match of the post season. If it were an easy victory I am certain it would not have meant that much to us.

But it wasn't, and it did ;)

The darts I used last night were the 26 gram Mavericks that I picked up off a defeated player way back in the day, and the recently acquired 24 gram 95% Parts. They both threw pretty well for me last night although I think I get a slightly better vibe off the Parts than off the Mavs. I did not wow myself in my performance last night by any measure with one exception (other than a general trend toward winning that is) and that one exception was a singles cricket match I played against one of their better, more seasoned players (Russ).

The cricket match started off with quickly closed 20's but he left the door open on the 19's. I had one already and threw a 7-count in the 19's to leap ahead early by 95 points. From that point on I stayed a steady course, closing (or opening) each number as I came to it up until the 16's then, after a single mark round I picked back up and finished the game with few misses and it was a clear decisive victory from the outset. So I was happy with that win more than any other of the night. My other singles was a 401 win over one of their weaker players, but that game was close. We both had several rounds throwing at our outs before I finally hit my D10 to win. A close call.

The evening started out with a small scare actually. They won the first three games of the match and it was not until I won my singles 401 game that we even had a non-zero score. But we won 4 of the 5 crickets and got a slight lead on them (Who Darted?). We kept that one game edge on them most of the night, until we got into the doubles cricket where we took 3 of the first 4 to win. I enjoy the team we have. Dart Maul was fun but I am hoping for a different team name in the Spring.

Cocodarts has a nice ring to it :)

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