Monday, January 24, 2011

Dart Collection on Photobucket

Sometimes it is advantageous to have all of your dart collection on one page of thumbnails :)

The link is here:

and also on the upper right of the blog at the top of the link bar. I'll try to keep it current but that may be challenge give how frequently I trade away darts in my collection.


Lenny Boyle said...

Hi Zeeple I'm a Darts fan from Scotland and I recently decided to start a Darts blog,click my name and you'll get the link.

I would be honored if you could add my blog to your inter blog linkage and I will certainly do the same for you.
-Sincerely Lenny Boyle

Zeeple said...

Hi there Lenny, I think that is a swell idea. I'll put up a link to your blog soon.

Lenny Boyle said...

Thanks Zeep.