Sunday, September 28, 2008

The "Shoot It Forward" Campaign

I am thinking of a big idea. Today I was throwing some of the lighter sets in my collection and these include the Imagination darts from the German company Evolution. They were generous enough to send me a set of darts hoping to spread their brand name around the states some since they are less well known here. I have sent them my thoughts on the darts but I want to continue helping them by allowing other dedicated dart geeks the chance to throw them for a while and then send them to someone else, furthering the cause of helping this company. These are the darts of which I speak:

So here is my idea for a "Shoot it Forward" campaign. If you would like to participate, on a first come first serve basis, post a comment here, or on SEWA, and we'll try to get the darts to everyone who would like to give them a try. However, if you participate, you pledge to the following:
  • Once you have thrown them enough to formulate an opinion, you will email your comments to the Evolution company.
  • You will also send me your thoughts, and hopefully a picture so that I can post them here on The Dart Indoors.
  • You will not keep them too long (I am thinking a couple weeks or so should be enough time for a fair evaluation).
  • When done shooting with them, you will send them to the next person in line.
A couple of courtesy items come to mind. One, if you do not like the darts, please do not publicly trash them. Remember that this company was being very generous in sending out free darts for people to try them and I think it would be too unkind to post negative reviews around. So please send your frank and honest opinions to the company but try to find some positive things to say too.

I am sincerely hoping that no one will get selfish and keep the darts without forwarding them on to the next darter. So I am thinking about requiring some form of integrity check before you can participate. Something like a certain number of posts on SEWA. 50 post or more, that kind of thing. I would also like to eventually get them to Tommo and Nick Williams over in England too, so SEWA cannot be the only metric.

When it comes to mail, things DO get lost from time to time so I am thinking we should always send the darts with Delivery Confirmation. That way they are more trackable. Also, Evo sent me a bunch of flights too, so once you have sent the darts on to the next person, I would like to mail you a set of flights as a fun thank you for participating. I hope at least a few other people can get excitied about this idea.

15 comments: said...

Great idea Zeeple! Good luck with it!

kdog said...

I wouldnt mind givin them a good once over..I checked tthe the site and liked the black carbon shafts but at 8 buck a set that a little pricey..maybe in the near future..still waithing on my Phase %s to come in.

kdog said...

that should say waiting on Phase 5s

Tommo said...

Great idea Zeeple, and if they finally make their way over to the UK I'd be delighted to give them a workout and pass them on with recorded delivery.

jwroblewski said...

I love this idea. I've been on their website many times, toying with buying a set, but I'd really like to throw them a couple times first.

I don't have any SEWA points or anything, but am very eager to hear other people's opinions about these darts, so I can decide if they are indeed something I'd like to invest in.

Again, great idea and good luck. I can't wait to hear the results.


Dart Talk said...

OK, sign me up for a try! Just PM me at and we can work out the details. Hopefully you can get a list going and have this project really take off.


Zeeple said...

Thanks for your interests guys, all of you may consider yourselves on the list. (Except Rags - sounds lie you aren't interested?? please let me know if you are!), but kdog, Tommo, Joe and DT, all of you have been added to the list.

Rags said...

I'm so busy nowadays I better pass, unless these wind up coming through Texas. If they get nearby I'd love to jump in but for the moment y'all keep the campaign rollin'!

kdog said...

Thanks Zeeple you can pm on sewa with info you need from me.

Dart Talk said...

Gold Coast Shootout #I. - Results
The results are posted just follow the link:
There are a few photos, and more will follow.

E-Craft said...

Hi again Zeeple, This sounds like an great idea to try out darts.

Im very interested to join this if it is ok to hear what a swedish guy will tell ya.

//// Johan

Zeeple said...

Hi there. I have all 3 sets here at home now. I was going to send them back to the company that loaned them to me, but I will send a set to you!

E-Craft said...

Eyyy thx a lot,

E-Craft said...

Hi again Zepple, i have created an homepage, just with darts for now, but i will continue upgrade this.
here is the adress:

Zeeple said...

Hey I looked at your website. you have some really nice darts and a great collection! Well done (and it is Zeeple, not Zepple). Cheers!