Friday, April 06, 2007

Sleepy Darts

Not really, there is nothing to yawn about here!! In fact I have recently engaged in two different dart trading episodes with members of SEWA. One trade was with a gentleman down under, and the other with SLEEPYKRAMER.

SLEEPYKRAMER is a woman from California who seems to have a long history with darts. Her husband was some hot shot with his own signature dart line through Bottelsen. Anyway, many kudos and many thanks to SleepyK as she has sent me some really nice darts in exchange for some 23 gram John Part Latinums which I won in the SEWA trivia contest.

The Latties (as I call the JP Latinums) are really nice darts. However, since I am unlikely to use them very often they would just sit in my collection collecting dust. I did not want this to happen so to recycle them back into the SEWA family I decided to trade them away. Of all the offers that came in I liked what SleepyK had to offer the best. Here is what I got:

25 gram Accudart GF Penetrators:

23 gram Unicorn Hustlers:

The Penetrators are really interesting darts. Their tips appear to be steel but upon closer examination you can see they are not. They are actually Carbon Fiber. They flex a bit, and the will supposedly split if the hit a wire instead of bouncing out. Accudart has always made high quality darts and it is a real shame that they are no longer making all the steel tip darts they used to. They were a truly innovative company.

The Hustlers are interesting too. Brass bodies that give the false appearance of a skinny waist. They are 2BA threaded like most darts, but they are so wide near the nose that they have a GT-esk quality to them.

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