Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Offered for Trade

22 gram Unicorn Latinum Colin Lloyds - The entire package that you see is what is included. The darts themselves, in good condition, the stems currently attached to the darts, the flights that you see, the flight protector ring, none of which have been used, and the case.

The case was damaged in shipping to me but through a complicated exercise involving super glue and scotch tape I have managed to repair it, more or less.

I prefer to trade for something unique or interesting. I like copper tungsten darts, I like old Bottelsen offerings, I like old old Unicorn offerings, etc. I would even consider trading for non-latinum Lloyds. I prefer not to sell darts. I'd rather replace them with something interesting.


Anonymous said...


I have two available options for trade.

22 gm B&W John Part 95% one set of original flights included
(now unavailable)

24 gm Unicorn Peter Manley World Chanpion Signature darts with original packaging

Shoot me an email and let me know,

Chris aka manofdarts

Zeeple said...

Hi Chris... you got pictures of these darts?

Anonymous said...

Yes but I have figure out how to post it.