Thursday, August 17, 2006

Raymond van Barneveld Triple B Darts

Going on the recommendation of Wazza180 I decided to purchase a set of Raymond van Barneveld Triple B darts. I placed an order with and they were at my door step exactly one week from the date of purchase.

When I opened up my package I was pleasantly surprised to find just more than my darts inside. 9dartshop also included two sets of flights and a Unicorn Checkout card. Certainly not expensive items but it is the little things like this that brings customers back. Nice touch. :)

The Triple B darts come with long nylon shafts, 1 set of flights and a plastic slim case. The barrel isn't as agressive as I would like but there is a nice feel to them. The length is about 1.8 inches long.

For the first few throws I decided to keep the long shafts on. Add a set of standard Ruthless RX4 flights and I was off to the board. The Triple B flew great with the long shafts. Landed in the board at a perfect angle. The only problem I ran into was the jabbing of myself in the cheek. The shafts are just too long for my throw and when I would hit my cheek the dart would slip changing my finger placement on the barrel.

Here is an upclose picture of the Triple B barrel.


jsobo119 said...

Wow those are sweet... very similiar to the ones I am throwing... what is with the gap in the grip though... isn't that where you would hold the dart?

mcvickj said...

It is just a spot where they "branded" the dart. Not much difference to the way Unicorn designed the World Champion Taylor dart. Except it was on the back of the barrel. I am curious as to why they decided to design the dart with the gap.

When I first looked at the darts I was also concered about that gap. The way I hold the dart it hasn't been a problem for me.

I hold the dart towards the front of the barrel. In a way it kind of helps me a little bit for consistent finger placement.

I'll see about adding another picture of my grip in a day or two.

bb7000 said...

Before Raymond played with his darts only designed for him, he played the Alan Glazier Ton Machines of Winmau. These had the same gap. I think this was the reason for the design.