Wednesday, June 21, 2006

14th Lifetime Ton-80

The jinx of 13 maximums is over, if there ever was such a jinx. You see I hit my 14th lifetime ton-80 today while throwing a set of darts that Mcvickj sent to me. The darts are quite nice although they have the unusal property of being a little difficult to configure well.

The darts weigh in at a cool 23.6 grams each according to my handy dandy electronic gram scale and they are quite short. This gave me the impression when I first picked them up that they were a little heavier than they actually are. I was guessing they'd weigh in at about 26 but I was wrong on that. None the less I attempted to configure them as well as I could at mcvickj's request and I think I have found the correct solution. I dressed them with in-between length nylon curvy stems and smooth poly pears. I tried a lot of different combinations but this worked the best for me, and the ton-80 above seals the deal.

Mcvickj and I have engaged in a dart swap. I sent him my Dagnabits for him to try and he sent me some purists and these guys. I am working on the purists now... incidentally, here was my first pic with mcvickj's darts:

Don't worry mcvickj... the stem is in good shape. The stem ring protected it!!


Anonymous said...

Good shootin' there Tex! Congrats on both the T80 and breaking the 13 curse! I just hit my 2nd lifetime max a couple of weeks ago in the online tourney as you probably saw, so I can sense your excitement. :) I thought that hitting another one would give me the drive to practice more...but I'm sorry to say it hasn't, heh heh. I still dream of retirement so that I'll have even MORE time to put off darts practice. :D

Anyway...congrats again Zeep!

Zeeple said...

Thanks Ricky. And I certainly remember your ton-80 I was very happy for you at the time. I am sure once you finish the cricket game in ezchalk that you will become fabulously wealthy and you'll be able to hit maximums all day long!

Darttalker said...

Great Job!

Zeeple said...

Thanks for the compliment as well as the drive-by DT. Hopefully there will be many more to come!!