Friday, August 19, 2005

Switching Flights

Funny how droughts come and go. I have not been able to hit the trip 20 recently to save my life.

When you have been playing for a few years it is difficult to know what to point your finger at as a cause for suddenly loose groupings and failing accuracy. On the one hand you have enough experience to know the theory behind the throw, and even a little unrefined skill. You will have had periods of superb darts and so you know you CAN hit the trip 20 consistently, even if you cannot always do it. But on the other hand, just a few years of play is not enough (for me anyway) to reach that level of Mastery that allows for the 'expectation' of hitting the trips you aim for. But merely you have the confidence that it is possible, and you are doing your best to push the possible towards probable.

In the last couple of weeks I have been 26ing myself into a bout of worry. I have tried many things to snap out of it, most importantly sticking with a single set of darts as best I can. I have modified my Random Practice Script to return only games and not darts, I have re-examined my form and grip and stance. I have tried looking for failings in my mental game and improving the confidence aspect. None of these things worked. Switching flights DID work, however!

I switched from the top dart to the bottom dart and suddenly started hitting more trip 20's. Consistently, too. A few Ton-40's but at least one every few rounds or more. Go figure.


Tommo said...

I thought you used this type of flight alot already? You'd need a good few weeks to determine whether the benefits have remained?

Zeeple said...

I go through phases when it comes to flights. In the last months I have been leaning toward smooth standard flights. And who knows that flight change may be completely coincidental anyway. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

I have been playing on a dart league for about 20 years, and each year I seem to have to come up with a name for the team... I came across your T.W.A.I.N and laughed, so I am using that this year for my teams name, I thought it was cute. Just had to let you know. Thanks! ;o)

Zeeple said...