Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I am very excited about my new purchase. These are Hi Tec Bomb's which I bought from http://www.dartattack.com . I have been experimenting pretty heavily with different flight and shaft combinations but I have not yet determined the best way to build these darts. The way they are in the picture below, though, is as thus: 24 gram smooth fixed point Bomb barrels, short blue Electro shafts and standard dark blue dimplex flights. I bought these because I felt I needed a tapered barrel with a fixed point. I like the Hammerhead GT's pretty well for their strong taper, but the moving points make them overall poor darts. Not to mention I bought them far too heavy (28 g). So I will stick with these for a month or so and see if I can learn how to throw them!

As always, click the image for a larger picture.


IgwanaRob said...

Why do you think the movable points make the Hammerheads bad?

Zeeple said...

Hrm. I need to restate myself here. I do not believe Hammerheads are bad darts. In fact I think they are quite good darts. Very well made. But I do not like my own set of Hammerheads and I wish I never bought them, and that is for two reasons. First, I have come to appreciate the fixed point. I no longer like moving points, the second is that I bought too heavy. 28 grams is too heavy for me.

But I love their design. Their taper is the best in the business. Now that Bottelsen has released the "new" GT shaft I also like them a lot better. If they ever release a fixed point version, I will likely buy another set, this time 24 grams.

Hope that clarifies! Zeeple.