Saturday, June 13, 2009

A New High In

My previous high in was 140. This occurred on 5-11-08 during the Sunday Luck at Coopers. It ended up being a 24 dart game, and a win. However, last Thursday at Murphy's pub I had a fine 142 in against Dart Dwarf. I think I'll update my side bar :)


Tommo said...

D11 is a favoured double of mine too. Its a nice height and seems to work well for right handed players for some reason.

Zeeple said...

I find that I tend to drift vertically so both sides of the board tend to work for me. during casual play I usually spend my first dart on bull and then 2 and 3 on double top, only going to the sides if I am not in on the first round. In important matches I tend to go straight to the d11!

Unknown said...

hello there zeeple, I'm glad you posted new stuff since last visit and I'd like to invite you to a very nice darts forum where I'm a regular:
ALso would like some help identifying these darts if you know them:

I'll get them in a swap (I'm a regular dart swapper) and they're presented as old Unicorn with revolving points..
My e-mail is and username in the forum is vascorocks.

Zeeple said...

The only thing I can tell you about these darts (maybe) is that they were likely a part of Unicorn's Tri-Point line which had revolving points. Did you get the little red puller with them?