Thursday, June 05, 2008

156 Out

Today I set a new high for myself. In similar circumstances to my former high out, I went triple 20, triple 20, double 18 to take out an 18 darter. Not only does that tie my highest average game (83.5 points per round) but I got a new high out out of it to boot. The game was against my team captain and it occurred on our board at work.

My previous high out was 130, which occurred on 2-11-08 against the same guy on the same board. I went S20, T20, DB. I am very lucky to be able to play throughout the week against him. He is an extremely dangerous player and a good friend and he causes me to raise my game to a higher level.

I was throwing newly dressed darts that I have not touched in years. More on that in a later post!


Anonymous said...

What Zeeple did NOT mention was that he skunked me -- we were doubling (at least he did); I never got in.

Some days you're the windshield; some days you're the bug.


Bada said...

501 double in double out 18 darter? Wow... that is impressive... you must of hit your first dart doubling in... what was it?
I had two 20 darters (only doubling out) today messing around... pretty happy with that. I am going to put cricket on the back burner during practice for awhile and focus on 501.
I think I've got a group of guys together for the fall B league.

Zeeple said...

2 20 darters in one day?? That's awesome. For me it is very rare to hit a game like that. As I recall, My first dart was aimed at the double bull and it was a miss. I then hit the double 20, and a single 5.

Good news on the team formation. Here is my advice: do a full round of doubles several times a week. The more you hit your doubles the more confidence you will have aat them. Good luck!

And barn... I have been a bug on your windshield more times that I can count. Thanks for the game!

Tommo said...

What a great finish. I think my highest "out" is in the 140's, and my 18 darters are very rare. Sadly for me the average out shout and score have been ruined by my more normal games.

Bada said...

I'll throw rounds of doubles on the menu... thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

You will get that 170 out one day!

Anonymous said...

what is a lot of 180s. I have shot 50 of them. My highest out is 151,153. My quickest checkout was in 15 darts (501) I did that twice. I have been shooting since january of 2008. about seven months.