Sunday, September 10, 2006

F136 Darts from Unicorn

These darts disappeared from the catalogs in 1971, and the 1970 catalog has them marked as 'deleted'. There are in the earliest catalogs too, so these darts could be anywhere from 55 to 35 years old, I'd say, or older.

The Barrels are interesting. They are hexagonal, which prevent the darts from "rolling" in your hand and enforces your grip to some small degree. Here is a closeup of the Barrels.

Once I get some new feather flights for them I'll comment on how they throw...


ny81him said...

Quite a find.

I also did not realize that Unicorn had such a nice history of their products online. Thanks for referencing that.

I checked ebay and found this cool old pair. But only available in the UK

Zeeple said...

Right those are old school dum dums. I was thinking about bidding on them but I probably will not. They would make an awesome edition to anyone's collection though. As far as them only being available in England it looks to me like they would ship worlwide you just have to ask them how much to the US. It is usually about 3GBP to ship darts over here. Dartboards are much much more expensive to ship though.