Thursday, September 23, 2004

Backboard. A lot of people have written to ask me how much this board cost to make. Well, as it turns out I have not tossed the receipt yet so I can give you exact numbers. I bought everything at Home Depot:

4x4 1/2" plywood....15.95
3x5 floor mat........16.97
4x6 blue carpet......11.88
carpet glue...........3.97
total ................. 48.77

Now keep in mind that there was some stuff I already had, such as the wall hanger supplied by the landlord, the chain, the eyelets, the wood screw, and I have a saw and a staple gun that I used. You can conceivably put together a similar board for much cheaper if you are not particular aabout what you use for the carpet, or a floor mat. Find some old rug laying around and a sheet of wood and you're set. Borrow tools, etc. But no matter what materials you use. A floor mat and a backboard are completely essential. The last thing you want is a wall and floor peppered with tiny holes.

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