Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Missing Boards

These are boards that I do not have but that I would certainly like to eventually own:

Regular Clock Face boards of various types:
1. Champion's Board (narrow rings - most board makers offer one of these)
2. Harrows Marathon (I am not of the significance of this board)
3. Harrows Zone Magnet (again, I am not sure of the significance)

Clock Face boards, but slightly unusual:
4. Narrow Fives
5. Wide Fives
6. Black Irish

Boards that non-standard:
7. Old Fayre
8. Remarkabull
9. Eric Bristow's 501 Trainer

Acquired but not yet received:
1. Yorkshire
2. Clay Dartboard
3. Winmau Equalizer
4. American Wooden Board

Received but not yet Blogged:
1. Harrows Quadro
2. Unicorn Eclipse Pro
3. Dartoball
4. Blade MX
5. Winmau Casino 301
6. Blue Euro Board


Anonymous said...

hello , i have acquired a Dartoball board which displays a set of snooker balls but in your travels have ever seen a set of rules?

Zeeple said...

Not yet!! But I am still looking. When I find the rules perhaps we can play a game against each other...

Where did you get your Dartoball board from?

Zeeple said...

UPDATE: My friend Beni from the Swiss Mountains said he might make a copy for me and send them to me via snail mail. When I get them I will post them!!